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vRealize Operations tutorial videos

This post is part of Operationalize Your World post. Do read it first to get the context.

I try not to duplicate videos already made by others, and will link to theirs instead if I find theirs to be relevant. In general, the videos are applicable to all 6.x versions as the features I used are fairly basic.

My video has no sound for 2 reasons. I tend to make wrong pronunciation and my England isn’t exactly clear. I added music from YouTube as compensation, hope you like it 🙂

The workshop does not cover Installation & Configuration as there are many materials covering it, plus I’m only given around 4 hours to cover both vRealize Operations and Log Insight 🙂

Here is the videos so far:

  1. How to determine if a VM slowness is not caused by your shared infrastructure
    1. This is probably the #1 request I get.
    2. This demonstrates how useful Performance SLA is. Without it, you’re defenceless!
    3. I’ve added a variant to the dashboard, where you can also show the VM utilization.
  2. vSphere overall performance
    1. How is your IaaS serving the VMs?
    2. This shows that you need to define what you mean by Performance. It cannot be subjective!
  3. How are the VMs using your shared Storage and Network?
    1. Is there anyone abusing the shared IaaS?
    2. The challenge with Network IO and Storage IO is generally you do not cap. So it’s possible for a VM to excessively use it. The question is: who and when?
  4. How to create super metric.
    • I created my Top 3 most frequently asked super metrics. They are the first 3 I created in almost all my engagements.
    • I created multiple in 1 video so you can see that some steps can be done together. You can also import them, as per what Sunny has shared here.
  5. How to create view
    1. I use View widget heavily as it allows data transformation. This video also includes steps how you can use it report.
  6. Tag and Custom Dashboard
    • Matthias Eisner shows you how to Tags to group objects. He showed how to create tags, and he created a custom dashboard to show an application. Justin, our UI Architect, also shares about Custom Dashboard.
  7. How to create a multi-tenant structure
    • One of my customers enhance this by having 2 levels. 1 tenant has many Apps, and 1 app has many VMs.
  8. How to create alert for specific customer
  9. How to create a new alert definition
    • Justin, our UI Architect, share how it is done.

BTW, if you want to see them as 1 link, see this.