Monthly Archives: November 2018

vSAN Stretched Clusters dashboard

Thanks for all the feedback and apology for the delay. Stretched vSAN requires a side-by-side comparison so we can easily see if there is unbalanced.

The dashboard only shows stretched vSAN. There is a filter set on the first table.

You select the cluster you want to see, and it will automatically show the rest.

It’s a simple dashboard, focused to give overall information. It does not use Group, Super Metric or Policy. You can certainly enhance it to add details. For example, you can create a drill-down into ESXi Host, Disk Group, etc. See this for example.

You can download fromĀ here.

VMworld 2018 presentations

As requested, you can find the deck here. They are in PowerPoint, not PDF.

First session was Operationalize Your World, where you learn about transforming from reactive, complaint-based operations to proactive, insight-based operations. It’s using Performance SLA and KPI. You get KPI defined for VM, Cluster and Multi-Tier Applications. Below is an example of how a VM KPI is calculated.

The second session was vSphere counters deep dive. It does not duplicate information generally covered in vSphere documentations or whitepaper. For example, I explained that measuring memory is hard. MS Windows actually include non active pages in its In Use counter. This explains why vCenter VM Active RAM counter is lower.

Hope you found the 2 sessions useful!