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Sustainability Dashboards

Thanks Varghese, Arman, Bella, and Lusine for contributing this!

The 1st dashboard answers “What has been saved” question. As it focuses on the past, it shows a line chart.

The 2nd dashboard answers “What could be saved” question. It emphasizes the urgency to take action, hence a heat map is used.

To import, download from here, then:

  1. Import the supermetrics. Enable them.
  2. Import the views
  3. Import the dashboards

That’s all!

Our calculation is conservative. Your actual savings will be more. We are not including things like:

  • Physical buildings and land. With virtualization, you consume less foot print. This means less physical rack.
  • Network equipment –  Less physical servers mean less network ports. Because firewall, load balancers, IDS, IPS can be VM, you have less equipment
  • Other components like UPS , Lighting , Cooling and Labour


  • Power consumption of a small server (1 socket, 10 cores, 32 GB RAM) = 0.1 KW
  • CO2 emission per KWh = 0.744 Kg
  • Cost of Power = $0.106 per KWh (change this in the supermetric) .
  • Tree offset for CO2 Emission = 36.4 pound of carbon per tree.

More details at this blog by Varghese.