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How to customize VOA home page

You can customize this! It’s just HTML + SVG files. A single, long HTML page with lots of JavaScript. Each infographic is an SVG file. So long you know the structure, it’s safe to modify. This tinkering is for fun. Totally unsupported! πŸ™‚
Can you spot the 6 sections that make the up the page? Expand one of them to get a sense of the structure. After that, you’ll notice the other 5 are basically the same structure.
Can you spot the buttons and URL link? Notice the TITLE CASE is automatic, so I don’t bother with the original case πŸ™‚ The string after goTo is the dashboard unique ID. Each dashboard is not referred by its name, so it’s safe for you rename the dashboard.
I use PowerPoint to create the infographic, then hand over to the awesome UX team πŸ™‚ You may need some freelancer if you don’t know how to do SVG. If you do, teach me!
Bonus! Since you’ve read this far, here is an infographic for VM CPU counter. I did not include it as there is no more space πŸ™‚

VMware Optimization Assessment

Super excited to share the hard work on the next generation VOA is here. This is a sneak preview. You can deploy on vR Ops 8.0 or the upcoming 8.1. Special thanks to John Diaz, Lusine Dashtoyan, Brandon Gordon, Vahan Tadevosyan, Artur Aghabekyan and 2 awesome developers who prefer to remain humble.

Download the files here. You’ll also find the presentation in editable format (one main point of VOA is to be customized).

Installation requiring 5 steps.

  • Import the super metrics. Enable them in the default policy.
  • Import the views
  • Import the dashboards
  • Import the reports
  • Import the HTML files. This needs root account.

You do not need to use the built-in admin accounts. It’s just a lot more convenient to do so. Choose to overwrite the existing views, etc. There is no need to create groups, policy or alerts.

BTW, if you want to customize the HTML, read this.


This part is only needed if the above steps are unclear to you.

Do not enable the super metrics on “All Objects Types“. Only for specific objects, else every objects will have it!
Yup, the beautiful “menu” is just a HTML page. All you need to do is replace it.
I use WinSCP to upload. Much easier than manual typing. Just replace the entire content of voa directory. Notice the owner is root, not admin.
Don’t forget to choose “Overwrite existing View
All the dashboards use \ in their name. 5 of them are disabled as they are only used in report.
Most of the dashboards are located in Dashboard Library \ Optimization Assessment directory. VOA also reuse 2 dashboards from Operationalize Your World.
All the views are prefixed with VOA, so you can find them easily. >100 of them!