75% discount code for the SDDC Performance & Capacity Management book

Code is TechSummit15

With 75% discount, it’s only US$ 6.75.

The code only works at the Publisher web site. It does not work in Amazon or other site. The direct link to the book is this.

It is also for soft-copy only. Good for the environment, saves shipping fee, and it’s immediate download 🙂

For those who are not familiar, the title is rather misleading. As shared here, I wanted to name it SDDC Performance and Capacity Management. That was what I proposed to the Publisher, as it is not actually a product book. It is more of an architecture or best practice book, focus on performance and capacity. Out of the 260 pages, the bulk of the book is not about vRealize Operations. Product wise, the book covers vSphere more than it covers vRealize Operations. So it’s actually relevant if you just want to master those vSphere counters.

Because it is not a product book, you can in fact apply a lot of the concept even if you do not have vRealize Operations. If you are looking for a product book, the best one is here.

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