How to access VMware APJ Lab

I’ve been the lab admin for 6+ years now. The lab has been the single most useful tool for me in my role as an SE. We’ve done many rounds of live demo with the lab. We also use it for get our hands dirty. It’s a good size environment.

The lab is accessible from the Internet, making it very handy. The main address is

It is accessible via Horizon View. You can use either View Client (which is great is high latency low bandwidth situation) or Web Browser (which is great when you cannot install the client or PCoIP ports are blocked).

If you connect regularly to View, you can automate the login by passing parameter. Examples are:

  • “C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Client\bin\wswc.exe” -desktopName “AdminAccess” -serverURL -domainName VMSGLab -password godaddygo -userName e1
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Horizon View Client\vmware-view -serverURL -desktopName “Landing VM for the lab” -desktopLayout fullscreen -domainName VMSGLab -userName e1 -password ha..ha..ha..!!

Please note that -desktopName is actually not the desktop name. It’s the pool name. More info can be found at Terence blog.

From View client, add Once added, it will appear on the list. Below is what I have, as I have other Horizon servers that I access.

10 access

You will be prompted to login. I have emailed you your user name and password. The domain has to be VMSGLab. Make sure you select that.

11 access

If I have entitled your ID to multiple pools, you will see them, as per example below. You can choose any pool you’re entitled too. You can also manually add your Admin VM, so you go straight to your dedicated Admin VM.

12 access

The above steps is when you have Horizon View Client. If you do not have, you can use browser that supports HTML 5. Browse to as shown below.

13 access

Key in the ID and password. As usual, make sure the domain is VMSGLab.

14 access

That’s it. You are in the lab.

The main vCenter you will be working on is core-site-1.core.lab. It has 1 cluster with 3 ESXi hosts. The info is shown below. Do not worry if you do not see the other 2 vCenter Servers.

20 vCenter

If you want to see from vRealize Operations point of view, you can login to the address below. As you can see, it is managing 3 vCenters and 8 ESXi hosts. These are physical hosts.

20 vRealize Ops

There are more documentation about the lab. For that I need your gmail address. It has to be gmail as the lab documentation is a google site. It’s protected, so I need to grant you (via your gmail account) the access.

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