Acknowledgments for the Second Edition

Behind an author, there are always many people involved to make a book possible. I am grateful for the feedback, help and encouragement provided by the following individuals.

VMware vRealize Operations & Log Insight product team:

  • Anil Gupta, Senior Director
  • Bill Erdman, Product Manager
  • Dave Overbeek, Director, Technical Marketing & Enablement
  • Hicham Mourad, Staff Technical Marketing Manager
  • James Ang, Staff Engineer
  • Michael Beckmann, Senior Director
  • Monica Sharma, Group Product Manager
  • Steven Flanders, Consulting Architect
  • Tom Findling, Staff Engineer

VMware Education team:

VMware Asia Pacific team:

  • Mike Sumner, Senior Director, Systems Engineering

VMware ASEAN team:

  • Ron Goh, VP and GM
  • Santoso Suwignyo, Senior Director, Systems Engineering
  • Eng Soo Jing, Senior Manager, Systems Engineering

VMware Office of the CTO:

  • Paul Strong, CTO, Global Field
  • Shannon Schofield, Program Manager, CTO Ambassador program

Members of CTO Ambassador program and vRealize Operations Curators:

  • Scott Carpenter (group leader)
  • Kim Jahnz
  • Cheryl Eagan
  • Martin Banda
  • Jodi Shely
  • Paul James
  • Jim Medeiros
  • Bill Hunter
  • Jim Silvera