Blue Medora – NetApp Management Pack configuration

I shared earlier that the configuration of a management pack basically involves connecting it to a source provider. In the case of Blue Medora NetApp, you need to connect to a DFM server (OnCommand Unified Manager). The configuration is pretty straight forward, as you can see below.

20 Blue Medora

If you are curious about the Advanced Settings, here is what it looks like, with its default settings. I did not change anything as I’m quite happy with it. I want both Metadata and Performance data. Notie the Disk Collection is off. Disk here means the physical spindles in the array.

20 Blue Medora advance setting

And that’s it.

Now, you should also configure Licensing, as it’s not a free product. If you do not apply it, it works but all the dashboard is watermark. Blue Medora has given me evaluation key, so I’m going to configure it. Go to the Licensing screen in vRealize Operations.

21 license key - click edit

Add the key provided. It’s a long one, so the best is just copy-paste. I had to hide the key. Click the Validate button, and it would show you the details like below.

21 license key 2

After you add the key, you need to assign it to the Management Pack. Follow the screenshot below.

21 license key

Click on key you just added. In my case, it’s not a permanent licence, so the type is Temporary.

22 select it

The Blue Medora NetApp is applied per NetApp array. Since I have 2 arrays, I need to assign to both. The good thing is it automatically selected the objects. Notice the Objects to always include shows 2 items., which are my arrays. Nice!

23 it automatically select

Click Next button and you got the screen below, which is just a summary.

23 its done

And that’s it!

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