Blue Medora

I have worked with Blue Medora team for quite some time. They have invested time and resource on vRealize Operations very early, as they saw the business potential of the product. Hence it is not a surprise to me that they have produced many complementary management packs. In general, you will find their management pack reaches deep into the respective product. Each product generally need an ID and password to retrieve the data from the source (e.g. F5).

Customers can also buy their products through VMware, hence benefit from a single contract and support. So as VMware customers, you can ask your VMware Sales Rep, SE or TAM on this. For the Asia Pacific region, Stephen Madden, Technical Director, is the main technical contact. His email is stephen dot madden at bluemedora dot com.

VMware has also made an investment at Blue Medora. To me, this is a proof that VMware is serious about partnering with Blue Medora. Quoting from Blue Medora web site:

Blue Medora has a strategic partnership with VMware. The Blue Medora – VMware partnership includes vRealize-related product transfer from VMware to Blue Medora, VMware equity investment into Blue Medora, and a global reseller agreement that enables VMware to sell Blue Medora products directly to its customers.

As a result, I’m working with Blue Medora in the 2nd edition of my book.

The pages below summarizes the blogs I’ve done on their management pack. I hope to add more once I finish my book in January 2016.

Monitoring NetApp

This is a series of blogs to cover this cool product. I will cover installation, configuration, and putting it to use. I split them into multiple posts as they are logically separate. Also, you can skip the part you already know 🙂

  1. NetApp DFM installation
  2. NetApp DFM configuration
  3. Blue Medora – Management Pack installation
  4. Blue Medora – Management Pack configuration
  5. Blue Medora – Management Pack – first impression
  6. Blue Medora – Management Pack – a deeper dive