In this section, I cover stuff that is not about the technology and the products. This section is about us, the individual. It’s about the Architect, the Engineer, the Operations team, etc that earn a living via our knowledge on virtualisation and VMware. Yes, it is about us the people that make up the wonderful virtualization community.

It’s also covering the non-technical knowledge. Things such as soft skills and our productivity as IT Pro are covered here.

Career related

  • The technology we know and use to earn a living is changing. As an engineer, this represents both a threat and opportunity. I share my thought here.
  • Can you be an author? You bet you can. It’s very hard for sure, so I share some tips here.


  • I’m honoured to be the founder of one of the largest VMware user community on Facebook. The group takes effort to maintain and you can find the guiding principle here. Feel free to copy it.
  • Virtualization Community:
  • Work is not a religion. Visit
  • The people in the community. List of Asia Pacific virtualization bloggers.

Soft Skills

  • I deliver a lot of presentations. The ones that were inspiring take a serious amount of practice and preparation. I share my thought on how to deliver a great one here.


  • Tips for migrating your blog to GoDaddy. I use a paid GoDaddy service for both my domain name and hosting. It’s not always up and performance can be slow at times, but I’m happy overall.
  • Some posts on this blog were written by Guest Bloggers. It’s a good way to start if you are not sure if you can commit the time.


  • Email is a key component of our work life. I shared tips that I’ve been using for a long time here and here.


  • We are IT Engineer. But should our children do IT for a living? Here is my take. I’m keen to hear yours!

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