Email tips: deleting all emails without actually deleting them

In a previous post, I shared about the “secondary inbox” concept. Essentially, it cuts down my primary inbox significantly. The diagram below shows that the “Not for me” becomes a great filter for my Inbox.

email tips 2

However, they do not solve another problem, which is some emails require follow up. That’s the problem, the word “some”. Not of all them do, so I need to delete those who do not require follow up. All I want is to press delete from my mobile phone, as I’m mobile most of the time. I do not want to move email to another folder. I just want to press delete. It’s a lot more convenient!

So I delete any emails that do not require follow up on my part. If it’s for my reference, I deleted it. If an email maybe useful in future, I deleted it. If an email is important but I do not need to act on it, I deleted it. I just base on 1 question: Do I need to act on it?

Now, you notice in the diagram above, I’ve put a Recycle icon in the Trash box. This is because it’s no longer my trash can. From time to time, normally 1x a month, I move everything in the Trash into an Archived folder. As a result, I never actually delete any emails.

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