Email tips: the “Not for me” folder

Despite my heavy usage of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and SocialCast (a great tool for VMware staff), I still get a lot of emails. I have used a few techniques which have helped me for years.

Earlier, I used to spend time to categorise my email. I’d mark them so I know whether they are for reference or for action. I’d also file them to different folders. After doing it for some time, I realised I spent a lot of time managing emails. I also sometimes converted some of them to Task, which taking additional time.

I’ve came up with some tips which serve me well.

First is the rule below. It redirects every emails that are not sent to me to a folder. I called this folder “Not for me“. It works on a exception basis. By default all emails are moved to “Not for me“, unless it has my name on the To: or Cc: . So yes, all the bcc emails go to this folder too, because in reality they are not for me (which is why I am in the Bcc).

email tips

This means all the group emails (emails sent to groups) are never in my inbox. There are also many broadcast emails that get filtered here too. It has helped me filter some advertisements 🙂

What about those broadcast emails sent to my name? I have to use another rule, where I hardcoded the sender or the subject. They then get redirected to “Not for me” also.

So I have 2 inbox. The real inbox is something I checked more often. The “Not for me” is my secondary inbox, and I check it less frequently.

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