Farewell Virtual Red Dot

After close to a decade, I’m glad and sad to announce the end of the site. The site has helped me published 3 books in the last 7 years, with the last one being a living document that is both free and editable.

After hundreds of article, the information becomes hard to maintain. The rapid development of the product has resulted in many blog posts being outdated, and in some cases wrong. The main problem with blog site is it’s designed for a journal, not book.

So yes, this is the LAST blog post. No more update. I will keep the site alive until its lease expires (since I already paid for it). After that, it’s really good bye to virtual red dot. See you at LinkedIn!

BTW, an awesome TAM from Down Under has converted the book into a website. Check out https://vrops.funkycloudmedina.com/ by Stellios. It’s a labour of love, a lot of manual adjustments as the book is written in MS Word. If you want to contribute to improve the website or automate the conversion further, do reach out to him. It has taken >7 years, the idea of a community-based body of knowledge on Operations Management is finally online.

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