Goals of the second edition

The second edition has several high level goals.

More complete

  • More explanation on Performance and Capacity Management.
  • Elaborates the Performance SLA concept as it has resonates with customers (from engagements, events and blogging)
  • Add Network monitoring, with focus on NSX
  • Add VSAN monitoring.
  • Add Horizon View monitoring. Practical tips like this.
  • Incorporate monitoring that is better done via VMware Log Insight
  • Add application-level monitoring. I asked Blue Medora to contribute as they know this better than I do.

More practical, less theory.

  • Move contents that are more theoretical to the back.
  • Add more examples, and structure them so readers can see the relationship.

Easier to read

  • Less of long sentences, long paragraphs or complex tables.
  • More bullet points.
  • Break long chapters into smaller chunks.
  • Add more white space on places where it’s full of text.
  • More diagrams, to complement explanation.
  • Lighter words. Friendly chat among friends, not formal research paper.
  • Add humour.
  • Add adult picture. Ok, this is not a good idea.
  • Clear picture. Some pictures were too small.
  • Clearer heading and layout. The style heading 2 is relatively too big to the text.

Fix title

  • The book is actually not just for vRealize Operations & Log Insight user. It’s for the broader VMware team. Page wise, this is more of a vSphere book than vRealize book.
  • This would also make the darn title shorter 🙂 Yes, in future this will evolve to just SDDC Operations Management.