GoDaddy Support experience

My web site was down and I called GoDaddy. In the past few days, I worked with 4-5 engineers (I think they are all different). My problem is solved, but I basically solved it myself. The reason for calling Tech Support is to have a technical issue addressed.

I sincerely hope that GoDaddy review the recordings after reading this. This is by no means a complaint to GoDaddy. I plan to continue staying on with GoDaddy for a foreseable future. It’s a feedback as part of long term business relationship.

All in all, I sincerely hope GoDaddy improves its customer service. There are a few areas that I hope GoDaddy management will review:

  • Reduce pressure on the Support Engineer to end the call. From the call, it is obvious they are measured on how fast they close a call. A better way would be to measure customer satisfaction at the end of the call.
  • Expert level training. The engineers are knowledgeable. That’s why I use the word “expert-level” as sometimes problem requires both a broader and deeper knowledge. The broader aspect is important as sometimes the real problem is not what it appears to be.
  • Give the engineers time to solve the real problem. As part of the support process, they need time to get a context of the situation. I had to make my question specific, meaning I was doing the overall troubleshooting. I can’t imagine the situation for customers who do not understand how Internet infrastructure works.
  • Be polite. I had a bad day and yet I remain polite. We are all human being. One of the engineer was rude, which is actually bad for his own health.

As I said, I plan to continue with GoDaddy. This one incident does not constitute an overall weakness. I think they have one of the best services and at the price I think is reasonable. I use both the domain and hosting services.

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