How to redirect vSphere Platform Services Controller syslog

I use vRealize Log Insight as my log management platform, so I’d like all components of SDDC to direct the syslog to it. I am using an external Platform Services Controller, and I do not see my Log Insight receiving log entries from the hostname (or source) of my PSC.

It turned out that you have to configure it. It is not automatically configured when you added a vCenter in Log Insight.

Login to your vCenter with an account with administrator privilege. I use Administrator@vSphere.local as I do not configure my vSphere admin to have the full privilege.

From there, go to Administration. Under the Deployment group, choose System Configuration. It will take you to the following screen. From there, click on Nodes. Your list of vCenter and PSC will be shown.


Double click on the PSC that you want to configure. Click on the Services, and you will see the Syslog Service. You can see that the Health is good and it’s running.


Click on the VMware Syslog Service. It will show you that it is not yet configured.


Simply configure it. Here is mine as an example.


It says restart required. So I restarted mine. Wait a few minute, and the entries start showing up! In my case, the hostname is core-platform-sc-1, so all I need is to filter Log Insight entries to just show entries from this hostname.


If you have multiple PSC, you need to do it for each one by one.

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