How to update VMware vSphere Update Manager 6

I could not find an article on how to update VMware vSphere Update Manager. There are many articles on how to do a fresh install. I found these articles from VMwareAndMe and vladan to be clear and informative. There is also a good set of tips from one of my favourite source, Notes from Michael White, which you can find here.

The update does not show the version number as 6.0 Update 1. Instead, it’s showing as 6.0.027278. The Update Manager for vSphere 6.0 build no is

To start, download the Windows ISO. It is not a separate install. It is part of the vCenter. Once downloaded, mount the ISO image from the Windows VM where your Update Manager is installed.

Stop the Update Manager service from Windows services. I’m using Windows 2008 here.


Do not tick the box for the Embedded Database Option, as you already have a database. Click Install button.


Don’t worry that it does not the Upgrade option. It will detect that you have existing instance, as you can see below.


It will inform you that it will update the current version to build 27278. It does not say Update Manager 6.0 Update 1.


[8 April 2016 update: The same case with vSphere 6 Update 2. It will only say build 29963]

You get the usual prompt that it was installed successfully. The main installation window was not closed automatically, as you may want to install other thing.

It does not start the service in my case, so I just started it manually. No need to reboot Windows. Close your Update Manager VM server. You’re done with this VM 🙂

Go to your Admin Clien. Update the vSphere C# client plug-in. It should detect that you have the latest version. This time around, the installer shows you Update 1.


And that’s it! Login to your Web Client, and you should see all your Update Managers. I have 2 Update Managers, and both are listed. Interestingly, one was shown as the IP address.


To use the new UI, head over to this blog.

BTW, if you are using HP Proliant Server, and wants to integrate HP add-ons, head to a good write up here.

Happy updating!

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