About Iwan Rahabok

Let’s start with a short and formal bio:

Iwan ‘e1’ Rahabok is a member of VMware product development team, as customer facing engineer in Cloud Management Business Unit. He specialises in vRealize Operations. Based in Singapore, he serves customers globally and works with R&D team in Armenia, India and Palo Alto.

E1 was the first VMware SE for strategic accounts in ASEAN. Joining VMware in 2008 from Sun Microsystems, he has seen first-hand how enterprises adopt virtualisation, reaping the benefits while overcoming the challenges. He documents the lessons learned in his books. The book, titled VMware Performance and Capacity Management, guides customers to operationalize their SDDC.

E1 started the user community in ASEAN, and today the group has one of the largest VMware communities on Facebook. A vExpert since 2013, he founded the first VMUG and remains active in the community.

Iwan was a member of VMware CTO Ambassadors until July 2016, representing the ASEAN region at global level, and representing Office of the CTO to ASEAN customers.

He graduated from Bond University, Australia with a degree in IT in 1994. He moved to Singapore in 1994 and has lived there ever since with his wife and 2 daughters.

Ok, that was a boring and formal one. Let’s do the fun one! 🙂

The name virtual-red-dot comes from Virtual and The Little Red Dot. The Little Red Dot refers to Singapore, a place I called home since 1994. Wikipedia said it best, so I’m going to phrase it from them:

"Little Red Dot is an epithet for the nation of Singapore. It describes the manner in which the country with a mere size of ~700 km2 is marked on world maps. Originally, it was used to refer to Singapore by former Indonesian President Habibie.".

I think the Virtual part is clear. This blog documents my personal experience in the weird and wonderful world of Virtualization.

iwan rahabok   iwan - 2013

The first photo was taken back in November 2009, during my little girl’s birthday back in Surabaya, Indonesia. I was born in the beautiful island of Lombok (Indonesia), grew up in Surabaya (Indonesia), studied in Australia, and since 1994 I live in Singapore.

The second photo was take around March 2013, during VMUG event organised by Benjamin Troch and Ivan Chee. Tim Robinson and Robert Soh were also presenting. It is always a pleasure to share with like minded people.

I graduated from Bond University in 1994. Moved to Singapore and started working in IT. I still remember that I carried Apple Mac LC (yup, with the 12″ monitor) to Singapore in June 1994.
First 9 years of my career was at the Application layer, doing business process innovation and application development. Lettuce Node, I mean Lotus Notus, was and is still dear to my heart.

I moved to infrastructure world in 2003, focusing on UNIX by joining Sun Microsystems. My previous manager Seet Pheng Kue hired me and I’m always grateful for that. Now focusing on virtual data center that is based on vCloud Suite as the platform.
Virtualisation creates paradigm shift and architectural changes, and being able to experience this first hand is a journey worth going. I think this is a once in a life time experience. After this physical to virtual migration, I think the next migration will have to wait until we reach biological computing 🙂


I was one of the first to pass the VCAP DCD exam globally as I participated in the beta. My number is 89. Since then, it has been a pleasure to help others pass the exam. It’s great to see folks then help others, growing the community of like minded VMware Professionals. Folks like Tessa Davis and Tan Wee Kiong, together with VMware Education, have been instrumental in growing the community via study groups.

My work now is about guiding customers in the transformation toward IT as a Service. It’s been both fun and amazing seeing the transformation. I love my work and am proud to be an engineer and architect.

I’m active on LinkedIn. I find it a useful business tool, so let’s connect at sg.linkedin.com/in/e1ang/

I’m humbled to be a part of the global vExpert family. You can find the complete list here . If you are based in Singapore and want to become vExpert, let’s catch up.

Starting in early 2014, I was also a VMware CTO Ambassador. I represented VMware, especially the CTO Office, in working with the field (colleagues, partners, customers). If you are based in Asia Pacific region, you can reach to your CTO Ambassador here. In turn, I represented the field back to CTO Office and Product Team. The products I focus on is vRealize Operations Insight. Below is a picture from July 2015 where I introduced Carl our President and presented him with my book at our HQ. The mention of CTO Ambassador is not complete without mentioning Shannon Schofield. The team simply would not have been where we are today without her leadership.


In 2014, I published my first book. You can find the reason for it here. This was followed by the 2nd edition, which you can find here.

While work is important, Health is critical. Health is no 1, 2, and 3 respectively in life. Without health, it becomes impossible to do other thing. Follow this on my activity in the physical world.

Google iwan vmware and you will find more about me 🙂

By now it should be clear, this is my own and personal blog. My company does not endorse this.