Mastering vRealize Operations. Great book by Scott Norris and Christopher Slater

I had the privilege to write a foreword for Scott and Chris’s book. It’s great to see it published. I’m including the actual foreword I wrote as it says what I need to say about this book. Go get one and master it!


————— the actual foreword in the book —————–

When Scott and Chris approached me to write a foreword for their book, I jumped on it right away. As stated in my book, VMware vRealize Operations Performance and Capacity Management, Packt Publishing, I excluded a lot of areas in order to stay within the self-imposed page limit. They have read my book, and it gives me sheer joy as an author when another author takes your work and then complements it well. Having read the final product, I am in fact going to change the strategy for my second edition. I am going to refer to this book a lot as they have explained the concepts better than I did. These are indeed “the missing chapters” in my book!

I highly recommend this book to you. Whether you are new to vRealize Operations, or you have a large scale deployment, there is something for you. The book covers the product top-down. I have read the vRealize Operations manuals and white papers, and I think this book stands out. It stands out not because the manuals are not good, but because the book was written by practitioners and field personnel. Just like my book, it was born at the customer’s site with real-world input. Scott and Chris have done numerous vRealize Operations implementations, and the content of this book reflects their valuable experience.

Speaking about the product of this book, vRealize Operations has gained the acceptance of many customers globally. It has also gained industry acceptance, as you can see from the many management packs provided by partners. It has evolved from a vSphere-centric management tool to an overall SDDC management tool. vRealize Operations is also undergoing improvement every year. By the time you read this book, there is a good chance that an updated release will be out. The good thing is that the foundation set in this book is required for you to master the new version.

I am certainly glad to see that both the books are published by the same publisher, as this makes future collaboration easier. Together with many bloggers and practitioners out there, we can make a significant contribution toward a great vRealize Operations deployment.

Iwan ‘e1’ Rahabok

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