Meet your VMware CTO Ambassadors at VMworld

VMworld is a place to learn and network. So it is great to see that around half of VMware CTO Ambassadors are sharing and contributing at VMworld. That’s very high for a group that is not part of any product Business Unit. We are field personnels and individual contributors. The high percentage shows the passion and capability of the group. Some of us are co-delivering the session with R&D and BU, showing the relationship that the group has. Other than presenting and facilitating, you can also find us at the Office of the CTO booth.

The following VMware CTO Ambassadors will be there: Adam Osterholt, Aidan Dalgleish, Amanda Blevins, Amy Chalifoux, Andrew Murphy, Anoop Jalan, Ben Lin, Charles Saroka, Christopher Cullingford, Christopher Knowles, Dale Carter, Donald Schubot, Eamon Ryan, Ed Hoppitt, Edward (Allen) Shortnacy, Edward Blackwell, Emad Benjamin, Eric Hardcastle, Gary Blake, Greg Mulholland, Iwan Rahabok, Jeff Whitman, Jennifer Green, Jerry Johanes, Jodi Shely, Jonathan Cham, Jonathan McDonald, Josh Gwyther, Julienne Pham, Justin Jones, Kannan Mani, Kim Jahnz, Martijn Baecke, Martin Banda, Michael Francis, Mike O’Reilly, Mostafa Khalil, Patrick Daigle, Peter Bjork, Richard Damoser, Roman Tarnavski, Ryan Pletka, Scott Carpenter, Sid Smith, Sunny Dua, TJ Vatsa, Tomas Fojta, Travis Wood.

Here are the list of sessions and workshops that we’re delivering or facilitating. See you there!


CNA4859 – Agility in the Datacenter – Workflows and Tools to Speed Application Delivery

  • Roman Tarnavski, CTO Ambassador, VMware
  • Chris Sexsmith – Sr Manager of Field Enablement, Cloud-Native Apps, VMware

STO4525 – Architecting Disaster Recovery of Tier 1 Applications (SAP, Oracle, SQL & Exchange) using Site Recovery Manager and vSphere 6

  • Kannan Mani – Staff Solutions Architect – Data Platforms, VMware
  • GS Khalsa – Senior Technical Marketing Manager, VMware

VAPP4440 – Migrating Large Oracle Footprint to Vblock

  • Kannan Mani – Staff Solutions Architect – Data Platforms, VMware
  • Chandra Mukherjee, KBACE Technologies

VAPP4449 – How VMware Customers Build and Tune High Performance Application Platforms

  • Emad Benjamin – Principal Architect, VMware
  • Wendy Zhao – Global Head of Middleware Engineering, Societe Generale
  • Alessandro Quargnali-Linsley – Systems Engineer, Societe Generale

VAPP4732 – Enterprise Application Architecture Influence on SDDC

  • Emad Benjamin – Principal Architect, VMware
  • Jeff Quinn – Director or Virtualization & Cloud Converged Engineering at DTCC, DTCC

Cloud Native Applications

CNA5379 – Panel: Enterprise architecture for Cloud-Native Applications

  • Martijn Baecke – Solutions Consultant, VMware
  • Joe Baguley – CTO EMEA, VMware
  • Robbie Jerrom – Senior Solutions Architect, VMware
  • Greg Andsager – VP, Cloud Native Applicaions, VMware
  • Chris Sexsmith – Sr Manager of Field Enablement, Cloud-Native Apps, VMware
  • Aaron Sweemer – Director of Field Strategy, Cloud-Native Apps, VMware

CNA5479 – Running Cloud-Native Apps on your Existing Infrastructure

  • Martijn Baecke – Solutions Consultant, VMware
  • Robbie Jerrom – Senior Solutions Architect, VMware

CTO6659 – Ask the Experts – Cloud Native Applications

  • Emad Benjamin – Principal Architect, VMware
  • Joe Baguley – CTO EMEA, VMware
  • Ed Hoppitt – CTO Ambassador, VMware
  • Robbie Jerrom – Senior Solutions Architect, VMware
  • Martijn Baecke – Solutions Consultant, VMware

vCloud Air

ELW-HBD-1681 – vCloud Air Workshop

  • Captains: Jodi Shely (CTO Ambassador), Cleavon Roberts, Tony Welsh

SPL-HBD-1681 – VMware vCloud® Air™ – Jump Start for vSphere Admins

  • Captains:  Cleavon Roberts, Jodi Shely, Patrick Mahoney


SDDC5260 – Reducing Costs and Increasing Availability in Healthcare: Customer Stories in The Software-Defined Transformation

  • Scott Carpenter – Staff SE | CTO Ambassador, VMware
  • Jordan Wise – Architect, Lancaster General Health
  • Dave Miller – IT Architect, Baystate Health
  • Kevin Holland – Senior Systems Engineer, VMware

SPL-SDC-1606 – Cloud 101 – Deliver your Infrastructure as a Service

  • Captains: Andrew Murphy, Kelly Montgomery, Danny Farber

INF4712 – Just Because You COULD, Doesn’t Mean You SHOULD – vSphere 6.0 Architecture Considerations from Real World Experiences

  • Jonathan McDonald, Solutions Architect |CTO Ambassador, VMware

PAR6411 – PSE: SDDC Assess, Design and Deploy 2.0 – What’s New?

  • Jonathan McDonald, Solutions Architect |CTO Ambassador, VMware

PAR6412 – PSE: vSphere 6 Architectural Design and lessons learned

  • Jonathan McDonald, Solutions Architect |CTO Ambassador, VMware

Business Continuity and High Availability

ELW-SDC-1605 – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Workshop

  • Captains: Paul Irwin and Adam Osterholt

SPL-SDC-1605 – High Availability and Resilient Infrastructure.

  • Captains:  Adam Osterholt, Paul Irwin, Nick Fritsch

STO4510 – When it Rains it Pours: Protecting Your VMware Based Cloud.

  • Aidan Dalgleish, VMware UK
  • Matt Vandenbeld

SDDC Management and Operations

OPT5519 – Nimble Automation in a Regulated Environment: Good, Fast, and Cheap. Pick Any Two.

  • Mike O’Reilly – Staff System Engineer, VMware,
  • Jase Machado – Architect, Infrastructure Automation, Blue Shield of CA
  • Jeff Shaw – IT Virtualization, Delta Dental

INF6108 – Something Broke, What Now? Managing and Troubleshooting OpenStack Environments

  • Jonathan Cham – Global Solutions Consultant | CTO Ambassasdor, VMware
  • Ben Lin – Solutions Architect | CTO Ambassasdor, VMware


NET5836 – OpenStack with NSX Architecture Deep Dive

  • Jonathan Cham – Global Solutions Consultant, VMware
  • Ben Lin – Solutions Architect | CTO Ambassasdor, VMware

ELW-SDC-1620 – OpenStack with VMware vSphere and NSX Workshop

  • Captains: Ed Shmookler, Marcos Hernandez, Jonathan Cham, and Hadar Freehling

SPL-SDC-1620 – OpenStack with VMware vSphere and NSX.

  • Captains:  Ed Shmookler, Marcos Hernandez, Jonathan Cham, Hadar Freehling

MGT5471 – How VMware and Partners Bring Actions to Enterprise Administrators with vRealize Operations

  • Eric Hardcastle – Principal SDE Solutions Engineer | CTO Ambassador, VMware
  • Phil Smith – Staff Engineer, VMware
  • Michael White – Director, DataGravity Labs & Customer, DataGravity
  • Mike Kelly – CTO, Blue Medora

MGT4973 – Mastering Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning

  • Iwan Rahabok – CTO Ambassador | Staff SE, VMware
  • Sunny Dua – CTO Ambassador | Senior Consultant, VMware


ELW-SDC-1627 – Software Defined Storage Advanced Topics Workshop

  • Captains: Mousumi Mullick and Martin Banda (CTO Ambassador)

PAR6407-BC – vSAN Workshop

  • Noel Nguyen – Director of Systems Engineering, VMware
  • Bo Bolander – Senior Systems Engineer, VMware
  • Mostafa Khalil – Technical Director, VMware
  • Greg Mulholland – VSAN Specialist | CTO Ambassador, VMware

STO4572 – Conducting a Successful Virtual SAN Proof of Concept

  • Cormac Hogan – Corporate Storage Architect, VMware
  • Julienne Pham – Technical Solution Architect | CTO Ambassador, VMware


MGT5973 – Automate the Deployment of NSX and Micro-Segmentation: A Deep Dive

  • Justin Jones – Consulting Architect, Integration and Automation, VMware
  • Mitesh Pancholy – Principal Architect | CTO Ambassador, VMworld

INF4823 – Real World – Architecting a vCloud for NFV Platform for Success

  • Gary Blake – Senior Solutions Architect | CTO Ambassador, VMware UK Ltd
  • Niklas Kånge – Consulting Architect, VMware

NET4468 – Defining Your Future With NSX Certification

  • Ben Lin – Solutions Architect | CTO Ambassador, VMware
  • Chris McCain – Director NSBU, vmware

End User Computing

EUC5733 – Deep Dive on VMware Horizon 6 Cloud Pod Architecture Best Practices to Successfully Deploy a Highly Available Virtual Desktop Solution

  • Aaron Black – EUC Product Manager, VMware
  • TJ Vatsa – Principal Architect | CTO Ambassador, VMware

SPL-MBL-1653 – Advanced Concepts of VMware Workspace Portal

  • Captains: Peter Bjork, Karsten Giesse

EUC5909 – VMware’s End User Computing (EUC) Strategy into 2015 and Beyond

  • Shawn Bass – Sr. Director, Strategy & Planning, VMware
  • TJ Vatsa – Principal Architect | CTO Ambassador, VMware
  • Karthik Lakshminarayanan – Senior Director, Product Management, VMware
  • Harry Labana – VP Products, VMware

EUC5062 – Your Desktops Secured: What Can NSX Do for You?

  • Tristan Todd – EUC Architect, VMware
  • Jeff Whitman – Staff Systems Engineer | CTO Ambassador, VMware

EUC4509 – Architecting Horizon for VSAN, the VCDX way – VMware on VMware.

  • Simon Long – Cloud Architect, VMware
  • Travis Wood – Senior Solutions Architect | CTO Ambassador, VMware

EUC4630 – Managing Users: A Deep Dive Into VMware User Environment Manager

  • Michael Bradley – Senior Solutions Architect, VMware
  • Dale Carter – Senior Solutions Architect | CTO Ambassador, VMware

EUC5516 – Delivering the Next Generation of Hosted Applications

  • Justin Venezia – Sr. Solution Architect – VMware Alliance, F5 Networks
  • Nick Jeffries – Senior Solutions Architect, VMware
  • Dale Carter – Senior Solutions Architect | CTO Ambassador, VMware
  • Michael Bradley – Senior Solutions Architect, VMware
  • Mark Ewert – Architect – EUC Technical Competitive Team, VMware

PAR6426 – App Volumes Architecture and Delivery

  • Nick Jeffries – Senior Solutions Architect, VMware
  • Dale Carter – Senior Solutions Architect | CTO Ambassador, VMware


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