Migrating your WordPress blog to GoDaddy – part 2


After the migration, what you need to do is to change the nameserver. As can you see below, it’s still pointing to the old hosting provider. Mine was hosted at www.freehosting.com. I was not aware of this manual change. So for months I was working on the old site!


Changing is it pretty easy. This is another example of great UI by GoDaddy. Since my domain is with GoDaddy, as I have to do is to choose Standard. No need to key in anything.


Within a few minutes, the nameserver is updated. So now this is pointing to the migrated site.


How do I know the IP address given by GoDaddy. Click on the Settings, then go to the DNS tab. Please note that this is a shared IP. You can use it for ftp purpose if you need to upload/download files.

4 This is the IP given to me by GoDaddy - it is shared

You should also verify that the Zone File has been updated. Notice the IP Address matches.

5 zone file A record

One way to test for sure is to upload an image file via WordPress editor. WordPress puts all images in a specific directory. GoDaddy provides you with the ftp userID and password. You can find it under the SSH and SFTP tab.


GoDaddy would tell you it takes up to 48 hours for DNS propagation. In general it takes much faster. In my experience it’s done within 1 hour.

7 global DNS propagation test

When you are browsing, make sure your browser and your OS do not cache the old IP. I cleared mine, and found out that my laptop still pointing to the old IP. Notice the IP address is, which is the address I have at freehosting.com. I tried with different laptop. Same result. I bypass my homerouter and use mobile 3G, and I got it right. As you can see in the subsequent ping, it got the right address. So my home router was caching it.


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