Monitoring PostgreSQL Server

This blog is contributed by my friend Luciano Gomes, a VMware Technical Account Manager in Rio de Janeiro Area, Brazil. Thank you, Lucky!

vRealize Operations can monitor many databases in the market, including PostgreSQL. If you have the Enterprise license for vR Ops, the Plugin for PostgreSQL is for free. If you would like to monitor Oracle Database or MySQL, please visit BlueMedora for more information.


  1. vR Ops Enterprise Edition
  2. Endpoint Operations Agent
  3. PostgreSQL plugin
  4. PostgreSQL adjustments


  1. Download the PostgreSQL plugin, from VMware Marketplace here
  2. Follow the instructions to install this Plugin here
  3. Download the EP Ops agent (must be the same of your vR Ops version) here
  4. Install the EP Ops agent, instructions here
  5. Adjust your PostgreSQL:
    • Edit the file pg_hba.conf and change the line:
      • from: local all all peer to: local all all md5
      • and add something like that: host all all localhost md5
      • Your postgres user, need to have a password: 
        • sudo -u postgres psql postgres \password postgres
      • Ensure that the user has the permission to view tables and statistics objects in the PostgreSQL cluster. For example:
        • GRANT SELECT ON ALL TABLES IN SCHEMA public TO <username>;
  6. Configure PostgreSQL credentials in vR Ops:
    • In the left pane of vRealize Operations
      • Click Administration, then click Inventory Explorer.
      • Select Adapter Instances > EP Ops Adapter Instance.
      • Select the PostgreSQL instance for which you want to collect metrics and click the Edit Object icon. The Edit Object dialog box opens.
      • Click on the Add New plus sign beside Credentials. You will see the Manage Credentials dialog box.
    • Enter the credential details.
      • Credential Name
      • postgresql.user
      • postgresql.pass
  7. Import the Dashboards from here and happy customizing!

Hope you like it!

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