Monitoring vSphere Replication

This blog is contributed by my friend Luciano Gomes, a VMware PSO Senior Consultant in Rio de Janeiro Area, Brazil. Thank you, Lucky!

In this post, I will share how you can monitor your vSphere Replication using vRealize Operations Manager. This can be done with a simple custom dashboard.

First, enable the vSphere Replication metrics in the Policy (yes, I agree, there are only 3 metrics coming from vSphere, more would be nice)


vRops is now collecting these 3 metrics. You can see in the ESXi object.

I’ve created a simple dashboard. You can import it to monitor your vSphere Replication.


You can grab the dashboard here.

The dashboard uses custom interaction, which is an XML file. Create a new XML file, then copy paste the text into it. The file name has to be replication.xml, as that’s what the imported dashboard expects.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <AdapterKind adapterKindKey="VMWARE">
 <ResourceKind resourceKindKey="HostSystem">
 <Metric attrkey="hbr|hbrNumVms_average" label="" unit="" yellow="" orange="" red=""/>
 <Metric attrkey="hbr|hbrNetRx_average" label="" unit="" yellow="" orange="" red=""/>
 <Metric attrkey="hbr|hbrNetTx_average" label="" unit="" yellow="" orange="" red=""/>

So long you make the name of the file that the dashboard refer to, and the actual file name, consistent, you can name them whatever you want.

If you don’t know how to use custom interaction in vROps, take a look at this article.

I am thinking of blogging about Log Insight and vSphere Replication, let me know if it will be useful for you.

Hope you find it useful. Do reach out via Linkedin / Twitter. Thanks for reading!

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