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This post continues from the Operationalize Your World post. Do read it first so you get the context.

Callum Eade and Kenon Owens run a program called Operationalize Your World. Sunny and I provide the technical content. Many folks, both internal and external, have reviewed the materials along the way in the past several years. I was cleaning up my files and surprised to see decks from early 2011 have the old versions of the slides you’re seeing today.

If you only have 10 minutes, here is a 7-minute introduction to what you get in the 1-day workshop. Thanks Alastair and vBrownbag for inviting us again.


The program is a 1-day workshop. It helps customers operationalize their VMware SDDC environment. The structure is as follows:


We use a restaurant analogy to raise awareness that your IaaS business should be operated differently. There are 4 main ppt files.


You can find the material hereThey are in editable format (ppt), not in PDF format.

We are giving in PowerPoint as Operations vary widely. Take what’s relevant to you, throw away what’s not, add your custom deck, and make it yours. When you share your deck to your peers or customers, let me know how it goes. I’m keen to hear your journey. It’s a journey because it will take you multiple rounds to enlighten your peers.

The 1-day workshop covers 4 areas in management (Availability, Performance, Capacity and Configuration). We map each area to both Consumer and Provider layers of your IaaS business.

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Hope you find the material useful. If you do, go back to the Main Page.

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