Operationalize Your World

Heard these before?

It is one thing to architect. It is another thing to operate.
Just because you can architect it, does not mean you can operate it.

What about these?

Do not architect something you are not willing to troubleshoot.
Do not automate something you cannot operate.

This one is my favourite. If you are a CIO, it tells you clearly which engineer you should value.

The hands on the keyboard, solving the complex problem, belong to The Architect.

Operations is not simpler than Architecture. It’s the Yin and Yang, Night and Day. A lot of customers struggle with Operations. As the VMware Admin, you are hit with 2 contradicting forces:

  • Your customers (VM Owners) complain that your IaaS does not perform.
  • Your bosses (CIO) said you cannot add hardware because utilization is not high enough.

To help customers solve it, Kenon Owens created a program called Operationalize Your World. It is purpose built to help VMware customers operate their SDDC.

Follow these steps to take advantage of the program.

Step 1: Read the Introduction

  • Read this to get the overview. Besides giving the overview, it also has link to the entire slides and link to a 5-minute video.
  • If you need a Manager of Managers, then this article will surprise you. It’s not what you think!

Step 2: Watch the Video

  • We’ve recorded the first video here in Sunny Dua blog. It gives you a 1-hour technical material.
  • If you need info on the Performance SLA in writing form, feel free to use this.

Step 3: Review the Slides

  • There are 5 slides, but you just need the first 4.

Step 4: Review the Dashboards

A suite of integrated dashboards is the main deliverable of the program. They are not individual, standalone dashboards. They are complimentary and do share super metrics, groups and policies.

Step 5: Import the Dashboards

  • Read this to master the import process.

Step 6: Read the book

  • Get the soft copy here. Use CTOAmbassador as discount code to get 30% off on soft-copy.