Physical World

As a virtualization engineer, you can say I live in the virtual world. It’s a wonderful world, with many things to learn and play. Play is a key word here, as having fun is important to me. I believe that at the end of the day, life is greater than work. I’m not a believer that work is a religion that we lose our cool. I love my work as it’s fun and let’s keep it that way.

Now, to make sure I can continue enjoying this virtual world, we gotta be strong physically. Mens sana in corpore sano, a Latin aphorism I learned as a kid that says a healthy mind lies in a healthy body. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired around 2 years ago. Living in a modern city, with fast pace live, meaning we are bound to catch virus or other nasty stuff. This impacted me badly. Somewhere in 2013 I decided enough is enough, and began spending time on health.

You will find posts on fitness here, as I learn about nutrient, muscle, joint, and other health related items. I believe that Health is not the absence of illness, but the presence of Fitness. I chose weight lifting as my exercise.

I have a personal trainer, which I encourage you to have one as I believe it’s a good investment. I have >40 sessions to date. Progress has been difficult. Starting from 1 Jan 2015, I have signed up with Genesis Gym.


  • On my rest day, I have a no carb diet. I find this very challenging. This means no-carb day for 3x a week. I train 4-day a week, which is where I can have carb.
  • No refined carb. Complex carb is ok. That means white rice is changed with brown rice.
  • No sugar, as we already have too many of them in other food.
  • No juice. Blend is okay. To avoid the damage in the enzyme due to high temperature, I avoid blending it at one go. I pause the machine several times


  • I generally do 1 hour. Because the rest is just 15 seconds to 1 minute, it gives me sufficient intensity.
  • I do a 5 minute cardio. I’d try to do as many burpees or dumbell thrusher. For the burpees, I need to avoid the jumping as my knee is not very strong.

Health info

  • Young, slim but does not mean you do not have bad LDL cholesterol risk.


  • http://www.musclemag.ocom/5-biggest-leg-day-mistakes/ has a set of good tips for Leg Day. I quoted 1 below
    • “5. Being Able To “Walk” Out Of The Gym.
      Ask any bodybuilder with legs bigger than a chicken’s and he’ll tell you that leg training is demanding work, it takes every ounce of energy, and if you do it right you should not be able to train another body part afterward, let alone even try to walk up a flight of stairs.”

Lastly, do not be too serious!

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