Presentation from VMware vForum Singapore

My good buddy Sunny Dua and I had the joy of co-presenting at VMware vForum Singapore. We had 2 sessions, but sadly he was only able to make it for 1 due to his engagement.

The first session was a 90 minute workshop with just 40 people. The audience was capped at 40. On hindsight, we should have allocated more as it was filled up fast, and folks were forming long queue! The room was full.

The second session was a high level session of just 30 minutes, with around 200+ audience. It’s open to all.

There were a lot of questions during the 90-minute workshop, as the audience realized (pun intended) as they need to change their mindset. All these years I’m doing performance and capacity management, it’s amazing how many customers are still not clear on the difference. This is not surprising, because there is no difference between performance and capacity in HDDC.

You can get the full deck from here. It builds from our VMworld deck, and we added more depth as we had more time.

Feel free to use it, and let’ us know how it has helped you. One thing that keeps me going in sharing the knowledge is the many emails, WhatsApp, LinkedIn message I got from customers/partners on how changing their paradigm has helped them in managing their SDDC better. They’d been managing it like a HDDC all along without realising it.

All the best in SDDC Operations!

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