This section document VMware product-specific information. It complements the Architecture pages as it takes a product-centric view. It covers not just the product features, but also concepts surrounding the products. For example, for vCenter Chargeback, I cover a generic chargeback model, which is financial model and certainly can be implemented on any product.

vRealize Operations:

This is part of vRealize Suite. I cover it separately as this is the focus of my blog.

  • Capacity Management
    • The concept of Capacity Management in vSphere is covered here. and here. This is not a product specific, so you can apply the same principles to other products.
  • Using vCenter Operations 5.7.1 to help managing and troubleshooting a virtual network.
  • Why I recommend a Full HD screen resolution for your dashboards.
  • I use the Top-N widget differently than what you see in the default dashboard. You can find the example here.
  • My favourite super metrics. I create a set of standard super metrics in almost all my engagements.
  • How to redirect vRealize Operations log files to an external syslog server can be found here.
  • vRealize Operations 6 has a different method for setting the default root password. I cover it here.
  • vRealize Operations 6 introduces a brand new Configuration Management capability. I provide a quick overview.
  • vRealize 6 Installation series
  • Infrastructure Navigator
    • If you need to reinstall, you may need to unregister the vCenter extension. I covered it here.

vRealize Suite

This cover the remaining products in the suite.

  • A sample chargeback model can be found here. This is a good model to get you started, as it has the balance of simplicity and flexibility.


  • Resources (CPU, RAM, Disk and Network) are shared in virtual world, hence management of these resources become different and more challenging. This document provides guidance.
  • Tips for organising your VM in the vSphere web client.
  • It’s common for VMware Admin to use tools to right size VM RAM. This post covers why right sizing RAM is impossible to be done without knowledge of the Guest OS and application.
  • Can you vMotion the vCenter VM itself? The answer is here.

vCloud Suite

  • Site Recovery Manager

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