Released – VMware Performance and Capacity Management

Glad to share that the 2nd edition is finally out. It is now available for order. If you use Amazon, it’s here.

From both the amount of effort, and the resultant book, this to me is more like 2.0 than 1.1. Page wise, it is 500+ pages, doubling the 1st edition. The existing 8 chapters have been expanded and reorganized, resulting in 15 chapters.

It now has 3 distinct parts, whereas the 1st edition has no part. The 3 parts are structured specifically in that order to make it easier for you to see the big picture. You will find the key changes versus the 1st edition below.

It’s a surprise how much things changed in just 14 months. I certainly did not expect some of the changes back in Jan 2015!

  • Major improvement in monitoring beyond vSphere.
    • vRealize and its ecosystems have huge improvement in Storage, Network, Application monitoring. This includes newer technology such as VSAN and NSX.
    • Many adapters (management packs) and content pack were released for both vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight. I’m glad to see thriving ecosystems. Blue Medora especially have moved ahead very fast.
  • Rapid adoption of NSX and VSAN, that I had to add them. They were not plan of the original 2nd edition.
  • Rapid adoption of VDI monitoring using vRealize. I had to include VDI use cases.
  • Adoption by customers, partners and internal have increased.
    • In the original plan, I wasn’t planning of asking any partners to contribute. So I’m surprised that 2 partners agreed right away.
    • It is much easier to ask for review, as people are interested and want to help.
  • vSphere 6.0, 6.0 U1 and U2 were released.
    • Since the book focus on Operations (and not architecture), the impact of both releases is very minimal.
    • Very few counters have changed since with vSphere 5.5.
  • vRealize Operations had 6.1 and 6.2 releases. Log Insight has many releases too.
    • Again, this has minimal impact, since the book is not a product book.

You can find more details of the book here.

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