A set of dashboards for SDDC Operations

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A common requirements among customers is to have a set of vRealize Operations dashboards to help them manage their VMware IaaS platform. They want a suite of inter-connected dashboards, not individual dashboards.

In the past several years, we have developed around 50 dashboards to help you operate your VMware SDDC. The dashboards form 1 story. We group each dashboard into the 4 pillars of SDDC Operations.

The set of dashboards also go beyond vSphere Admin, and provide dashboards for Storage Team, Network Team and NOC Team. However, they are yet to provide a complete coverage for every role and every purpose. The table below shows the coverage. No means there is no dashboard yet.

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Different roles in the team are interested in what’s relevant to them first, which is why the dashboards are tailored for each. Here is the dashboards provided, grouped by role and purpose.

There are naturally more dashboards for the Platform Team. The team was known as the Server Team in the old days of physical world. They have evolved into Platform Team, and is typically where VMware Admin and Architect belong.

They have 2 interfaces in the company:

  • upstream: to VM Owners, application team.
  • downstream: to Storage Team, Network Team

In addition, they also deal with IT Management (CIO, etc), Help Desk and Security/Compliance team.


You may notice in the above picture that some dashboards are in grey. That means they are not available. Need MP means it needs a Management Pack. We have not included MP as part of this solution. You should get vSphere under control first before extending coverage. Need feedback means I’m yet to see a use case for it. Every dashboard answers a question, and has to be complementary to other dashboards.

The tools we use to manage VMware SDDC is vRealize Operations and Log Insight. We do live demo during the events and customers ask for a copy that they can import into their environment. This blog provides the steps to import.

Here is what they look like in vRealize Operations 6.4. vR Ops 6.3 is the minimum requirement as it uses 6.3 new feature.

Hope you find the material useful. If you do, go back to the Main Page. It gives you the big picture so you can see how everything fits together. If you already know how it all fits, you can go straight to download here.

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