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vRealize Operations – Management Pack installation

vRealize Operations 6 introduces a concept called Management Pack. It was called Adapter in version 5. The Management Pack brings many enhancement compared to Adapter, so the steps to install and configure naturally differ to version 6. I will show 2 examples here:

  • NSX Management Pack
  • Blue Medora – NetApp Management Pack

Michael White, yes that famous blogger who gives you Notes from Michael, has also published a set of installation. He covers the Log Insight Management Pack here. As you can see below, I’ve already got the Log Insight management pack installed. I will give you example for NSX and Blue Medora.

10 - install

First step is to upload the “.pak” file, which is the same concept you know in vCenter Operations 5.x version.

10 - install 2

Once uploaded (which should be fast, as it’s not a big file), you get the screen below. In this case, I uploaded the management pack for NSX.

10 - install 3

Installation looks like the screen below. This can take minutes. It will give you progress, and at the end you see Completed. Click the Finish button to close the dialog box.

10 - install 4

And that’s all! The next step is configuration, which varies from one management pack to another. Generally, it’s about connecting to a data provider, such as NSX Manager, NetApp DFM Server or vCenter.

10 - install 5

In the case for NSX, it’s about connecting to the NSX Manager. You need to supply the vCenter server that the NSX Manager is mapped to, not the vCenter where the NSX Manager VM is running.

10 - install 6

For credential, you need to supply both for vCenter and NSX Manager.

10 - install 7

And that’s it!

So now let’s do for Blue Medora NetApp management pack. Again, we start by uploading the .pak file. From the file you can see the version number.

20 install 2

The usual installation progress is shown. Notice the steps are basically similar with other management pack.

20 install 3

As expected, we now have it. The screen below shows that I’ve got both NSX and Blue Medora installed. I’m going to configure Blue Medora, which is on the next post.

20 install 4

Blue Medora NetApp Management Pack

A critical and mandatory component in vSphere infrastructure is Storage. I’ve covered in my book that there is a world underneath the LUN or NFS mount point presented to your ESXi host. Having deep visibility into your storage infrastructure should be considered an essential requirements.

vRealize Operations helps you peer deep into specific storage model via its management pack. Blue Medora, a VMware partner, has taken advantage of this and release management packs for NetApp.

My customer found the NetApp adapter in vCenter Operations 5.x useful. The new release in vRealize Operations 6 introduced many new and improved capabilities. I got a chance to play with it at the VMware ASEAN Lab. This is a series of blogs to cover this cool product. I will cover installation, configuration, and putting it to use. I split them into multiple posts as they are logically separate. Also, you can skip the part you already know 🙂

  1. NetApp DFM installation
  2. NetApp DFM configuration
  3. Blue Medora – Management Pack installation
  4. Blue Medora – Management Pack configuration
  5. Blue Medora – Management Pack – first impression
  6. Blue Medora – Management Pack – a deeper dive

Others have also documented this product. I recommend you check this page.