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vSphere 6: other welcomed enhancements

There are a lot of blogs that covers the major, headlines new features. In this blog, I’d focus on the little things that I spotted as I tour the UI.

Check the screen below. Notice the APD and PDL information is now visible in the UI.

10 cluster - Monitor - HA APD

Do you use a lot of vESXi, also called nested ESXi? In 5.5, when you create a new VM, you do not see ESXi as an option. You normally choose Other (64 bit) as the Guest OS.

10 VM - vESXi not available

With 6.0, you will see it as an option. It is still not supported as there are many technical considerations that make support difficult. But in most cases, it is good enough as it just works!

10 VM - vESXi is now available

Certificate is an areas that is complex. So it’s good to see the information on the ESXi Host. Together with the certificate management feature, this is a welcome improvement.

10 Host - Certificate

Smart Card integration makes its way. You find it under the Authentication Services, as shown below.

10 Host - Authentication

As a comparison, this is what it looks like in 5.5:

10 Host - Authentication 5.5

Search gets a little upgrade too. The Cluster option has more choices now in 6.0.

10 Search 6.0

Compare the above with 5.5, which only lets you specify the cluster name. From what I’ve checked, other property remains the same.

10 Search 5.5

Welcomed enhancements in the vSphere 6.0 Web Client!

As the lab admin of VMware ASEAN lab, I use both the web client and c# client client a lot. As a frequent user, I certainly wish that I can just use 1 client. I also want a faster web client. In version 6.0, there are many improvements that make the web client better than ever. In my experience playing with the beta (I used an internal build), there is a big performance improvement. Everything from logging in, context sensitive menu, edit settings, and many others feel more snappy.

You will notice the changes even before logging in as the login screen now say “vCenter Single Sign-on” instead of “vSphere Web Client”. Everything else remains.

Home Screen and Recent Tasks

Once you login, you will see subtle changes. Below is what it looks like. The only thing I have installed is just vCenter. Nothing else yet. So no NSX, no vSphere Replication, no 3rd party plug in, etc. Can you spot the differences to 5.5?

10 Home 6.0

To refresh your memory, below is the web client in 5.5.

10 Home 5.5

The first thing you notice is the Recent Task is back at the bottom. I will get back to you on this. Anything else you spot? Yup, the icons at the top. It’s now 1 icon instead of 2. To me, it makes more sense now. In 5.5, the 2 icons just took you to Home, or the vCenter list. The combined icon is a lot more useful. Here is what you get when you click on it. Nice!

10 Home 6.0 - menu

Another nice enhancement is vRealize Orchestrator appears on the Home Screen right away. No, I have not installed it. vRealize Orchestrator is taking the central position as the orchestration engine for many VMware products. It is not just for vCenter or vSphere anymore.

Okay, back to the Task Bar. As a person with a Full HD monitor, I’m actually okay with the Task Bar at the side. But a lot of folks wanted at the bottom. What is nice there are now 2 drop down list to filter the tasks: My Tasks and Tasks Filter. I’ve zoomed into the task bar in the screenshot below.

10 Tasks - 2 filters available at the bottom - not in fat client

Side Bar

The side bar certainly plays an imporant role in the UI. We use it to navigate. vCenter Inventory list is another icon that you will spot right away. When you click on it, you get the screenshot below. Can you spot how it differs to 5.5?

10 inventory list 6.0

To refresh,here is what it looks like in 5.5. The Inventory Tree has been simplified. You no longer have Hosts, Clusters, Storage, Networking. Instead, you have Content Libraries, a brand new feature which is useful for us with multiple vCenter Servers. I like this new UI as it’s confusing to me. I think the new structure is cleaner.

10 Inventory List 5.5

Flattened menu

Finally, a common complain among heavy users. The menus are slow and too deep in 5.5. Notice the menu in 6.0 for Cluster. We all work a lot with cluster, so this is a much welcomed change. Spot the difference with 5.5!

10 cluster - menu 6.0 - vRO built in

Below is the 5.5 UI. It has 3 levels and much taller.

10 cluster - menu 5.5