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NetApp DFM Installation: part 2

In the previous article, we’ve got the NetApp OnCommand installed. If you tick the check box to auto-launch, you get a browser window on the Windows machine you installed it. I installed the software on a machine called sddc-jump-box.vmsg.lab, as you can see from the URL.

For the ID, provide either the local Windows administrator, or the Domain Admin. I used the Domain Admin as my Windows is part of the domain.

15 configure - domain admin or local admin

Once login, you get to see a screen like this. It automatically discovers my NetApp, which is cool!

16 auto discover

I’m not sure if the Management Console is required by Blue Medora. Since I’m curious what it is, I’m going to proceed to install it. From the File menu, choose Download Management Console.

17 download the Management Console

It opens another application, which has links to download. No, it is not from the Internet, so it’s pretty fast and you do not need to login.

18 mgmt console install

I clicked the above link, which was a Windows exe file. I launched it, followed the simple wizard as shown below.

19 install

This started the installation. The progress is as shown below.

19 install 2

Some more example of the installation progress.

19 install 3

After a few short minutes, it’s completed.

19 install 4

I clicked Next, and was presented with the screen below. It’s handy to tick the check box.

19 install 5

And below is the NetApp Management Console. Notice it’s still using DFM (Data Fabric Manager), which is why the name still sticks with many NetApp admin. The Server is where you installed the product. The User is your MS AD Domain Admin.

19 install 6

And that’s basically it! From what I know, from vRealize Operations purpose, there is nothing else I need to do on the NetApp DFM end.