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Guiding principles for a thriving online community

I setup the VMware user community for our ASEAN users a few years back. To ensure that the group serves its members well, I added a guiding principle. It has been working well, so I thought of sharing it here. Feel free to use it. Let me know how it works out for you.


An open group for everyone who are VMware users. The purpose is to build a community of users to share knowledge and facilitate networking.

This is a user group, not corporate group. Registering using a company name will be rejected. We are here to network and get to know one another as human being.

We RESPECT one another as busy IT professionals by following these rules:

  1. Show that you’ve made an effort before asking. It’s only polite to do so. Google it. Check kb.vmware.com. Post in communities.vmware.com.
  2. Elaborate your questions. The clearer your question, the higher the chance you get answer. A short answer without context shows you’re not willing to spend time asking.
  3. Don’t post info about exam cheat and exam dump (e.g. Test King) on our certification. That will do a disservice to all of us engineers.
  4. Post in English, and make it readable. Most of us don’t speak English as first language, so I understand it is hard to write in English. We are technologist, so use tool to translate. Take it as learning English at the same time 🙂
  5. When sharing your own blog, explain why or say something. Don’t just give the link. If you do, it will be removed.
  6. Give, don’t just take. When it’s time for you to ask, you get answers from those who have benefited when you give.
  7. Have fun at http://labs.hol.vmware.com/

Simple, 101 question is welcome. We were all newbie at the beginning. Follow the above rules, and your 101 question will be respected as you have shown respect.

Thanks in advance for your understanding. Have a great day sharing, learning, and building Friendship over IP 🙂