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SCP copy failed between ESX hosts!!

Learned a couple of tricks around SCP while using it lately.

There are many posts available online that will show the method to copy files between ESXi hosts. There is one particular post which I liked is from Hersey Cartwright. You can read it here.

However, it didn’t work in my case. I was trying to move a VM across two different vCenters. After issuing the command on SSH from the source host there was no error, no prompt….nothing.

Below is the command that I have used.

# scp -r <VMName> root@<Destination Host>:/vmfs/volumes/<Datastore on Destination host>

So, here’s the trick. We all know that we need to start SSH daemon for SCP to work. Little did I know that there is need to start SSH client (Outgoing Port) under “Firewall Properties” on source ESXi Host.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 2.20.49 pm

Once the changes are applied, re-run the same command and this time you will be prompted for password for destination host. If the authentication is successful, the file copy will start.

I hope that vMotion in vSphere 6 is going to take care of this in future, but we will have to wait and watch the real life use around it.