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VM Performance dashboard

Continuing from the vSphere Cluster Performance dashboard and ESXi Performance dashboard, here is the VMware VM Performance dashboard:

The dashboard follows the same layout with cluster and ESXi dashboards. If it’s not clear, let me know.

The dashboard implements the concept I shared here. Do read it, as most of my customers are surprised with the choice of counters. I’m not saying your counters are wrong. I’m saying you can be more accurate in certain cases.

As VM is the smallest object, the dashboard does not show any child objects. Rather, I added a Trend line chart. This helps you check if the spike is something expected.

Lastly, the dashboard is complemented with a List page. How do you know which VMs to look at first? Well, the list below should help you:

As usual, get the dashboards from VMware Sample Exchange. For instruction on how to install, read the ESXi Performance dashboard.