As you can tell, I’m a fan of Tintri. Yes, I certainly like VSAN too. To me, the world of storage is big enough to have both. Even among the small subset of my customers, I can see them deploying both architecture for many years to come. It is common for large enterprise to have multiple storage vendors. Even within the same vendors, they will have multiple models, because the high-end, midrange and entry level serve different needs (and priced differently!). So consolidating from many products to just 2 (Tintri and VSAN in this case) is already a step forward for customers who have more than 2 products in their data centers.

I’ve setup Tintri. I documented the experience here. As you can see there, it’s pretty straight forward.

I’m using both Tintri and VSAN in my sample SDDC Architecture. I want to give you a flavour of both.