VMware CTO Ambassadors in Asia Pacific

Quoting from the official page at VMware.com, “The CTO Ambassador program is run by the VMware Office of the CTO. The CTO Ambassadors are members of a small group of our most experienced and talented customer facing, individual contributor technologists. They are pre-sales systems engineers (SEs), technical account managers (TAMs), professional services consultants, architects and global support services engineers. The ambassadors help to ensure a tight collaboration between R&D and our customers so that we can address current customer issues and future needs as effectively as possible.”

For more info, see here

With that, here are your Ambassadors for the Asia Pacific region. We form a small community and work closely together. There are only 16 of us and we work closely with R&D. Reach out to them via LinkedIn, Twitter, or their personal blogs. If you need their email, you can drop me an email at e1 at vmware.com.

A couple of us volunteer to take product leadership role in APJ. What does it mean?

  • We serve as the contact person for APJ for the BU (read: product team in HQ)
  • We work closely with APJ Product Team, if any. We complement them as a virtual team in APJ region.
  • We work with the global PM on product input and enablement.
  • We manage an APJ specific Socialcast group, providing a common platform for Product Team and Field to connect on APJ specific matters.

The following Ambassadors have volunteered for these products:

  • VSAN:
    • Greg
  • Cloud Native Applications:
    • Roman
  • vRealize Automation
    • Sriram, Nathan, Taku
  • vRealize Orchestrator
    • Nathan, Taku, vRealize Orchestrator
  • vRealize Business
    • Sanjaya
  • vRealize Operations (including VIN, Hyperic, VCM)
    • Sunny Dua, Paul James
  • vRealize Log Insight
    • Iwan
  • vRealize Code Stream
    • Dan
  • NSX
    • Motonori, CK Kong
  • vCloud Air and vCloud Air Network
    • Paul James, Toru
    • Paul James, Travis
    • Yasunari
  • EUC
    • Travis

Daniel King Motonori Shindo  Toru Kaneko Travis Wood

Yasunari Saito Roman Tarnavski  Greg Mulholland Sriram Rajendran

Taku Suzuki  Nathan Wheat Sunny Dua

Michael Francis iwan rahabok CK Kong pj-cv

Full NameLocationBlogTwitter
Travis Wood
Australia (Brisbane)
Michael FrancisAustralia (Brisbane)
Daniel KingAustralia (Brisbane)
Paul JamesAustralia (Brisbane)@prj32
Greg MulhollandAustralia (Melbourne)@g_mulholland
Nathan WheatAustralia (Melbourne)wheatcloud.blogspot.com@wheatcloud
Roman TarnavskiAustralia (Sydney)blog.romant.net@romant
Chengkai “CK” KongChina (Shanghai)@ckkong_sh
Sanjaya Kanungo
India (Bangalore)vmpower.blogspot.in
Sriram Rajendran
India (Bangalore)
Sunny DuaSingaporevXpresss.blogspot.com@Sunny_Dua
Taku SuzukiJapan (Tokyo)
Toru Kaneko Japan (Tokyo)vmware.10rukaneko.net@10rukaneko
Yasunari Saito
Japan (Tokyo)
Motonori ShindoJapan (Tokyo)blog.shin.do@motonori_shindo
Iwan 'e1' RahabokSingaporevirtual-red-dot.info@e1_ang
Prasenjit SarkarSingaporestretch-cloud.info

You can easily find them on Twitter on this list. That lists contains our CTOs and the Ambassadors.

[Aug 2015: Prasenjit has joined VMware EMEA team]

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