VMware Performance & Capacity Management – 2nd edition

Table of Content

Front Matters

Part 1: Correcting decade-old misconception and “best practices”

It explains the root cause why IT struggles with SDDC Operations, and then share a new paradigm that have resonated well with customers. The new thinking comes with new concept such as Performance SLA, and a new set of metrics on contention.

  • Chapter 1. VM
  • Chapter 2. SDDC
  • Chapter 3. SDDC Management
  • Chapter 4. Performance Management
  • Chapter 5. Capacity Management

Part 2: Dashboards

It provides the actual dashboards needed to realize the new way of SDDC management. This part gets hands-on. It uses both vRealize Operations and Log Insight.

  • Chapter 6. Performance Monitoring Dashboards
  • Chapter 7. Capacity Monitoring Dashboards
  • Chapter 8. Dashboards for specific use cases
  • Chapter 9. Infrastructure Monitoring dashboards by Blue Medora.
  • Chapter 10. Application Monitoring dashboards by Blue Medora.

Part 3: References

A tour of all the key counters in vCenter and vRealize Operations. >100 pages explaining the metrics, how they relate and what a good value should be.

  • Chapter 11: Mastering key SDDC counters
  • Chapter 12: CPU Counters
  • Chapter 13: RAM Counters
  • Chapter 14: Storage Counters
  • Chapter 15: Network Counters


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