VMworld 2015 session MGT4973

Sunny Dua and I delivered the session MGT4973 at VMworld 2015. We did 2 repeat sessions, as session 1 had near 500 people registered. We were really humbled and honored by the great feedback. The topic required a change in paradigm. You need to unlearn what you’ve known for years as best practices, and learn a new concept. So it’s something you can receive/accept well if you are relaxed.

Sunny and I decided to use humor, else we ran a risk that the session wouldn’t go down well. We were not sure if our humor would resonate, so it’s a big relieved that it was well received! The 2 sessions receive a rating of 4.38 and 4.77 respectively. The 2nd one had better rating as we took feedback on the first session. Below are the comments and we are thankful for the kind words. It encourages us to continue sharing on SDDC Operations Management.


The session video has been published to VMworld attendees. No login required.

  • Sunny provided a good overview on the topic in his blog here, so please read that first.
  • I added a bit more detail to his overview here.
  • The slide was based on our deck that we’ve presented before. It normally took ~3 hours. You can find the presentation here. This is a super-set of the VMworld session.
  • Because of the positive feedback, we decided to share with the vBrownBag. We were given 15 minute slot, which you can see here. Certainly, we would love to share more with the community.
  • [15 Sep 2015 update: You can find the actual presentation we delivered here]

There are requests for details info, and here they are:

  • Details of my book can be found here.
  • The actual dashboard for Capacity Management can be found here. Warning, it’s a long read.

Will we make it to VMworld Barcelona? It would be a privilege indeed. We are local resources of Singapore team, so naturally there is no scope for us to fly to Barcelona. But if we are needed, we would love to participate and share the content!