VMworld 2018 & vForum 2018 presentations

You can find my VMworld presentations here and vForum presentation here. They are in powerpoint, not PDF. Feel free to use the deck, add what’s relevant to your and remove what’s not relevant. Let me know how it helps you!

In the Advanced Performance Bootcamp, Sunny and I covered the counters in-depth. You can also find details on VM CPU and  VM RAM.

Alok and I discussed vSAN Troubleshooting in a TAM session. It’s the last session on Thursday and glad to see customers staying until the event team came in to wrap up the place. The session show how you can monitor vSAN at large. We met customers with 3500 clusters, going well beyond 10K clusters. How do you monitor such environment?

Sajag, a customer from Thailand, shared how he significantly reduce the hardware footprint (servers and storage), while improving performance. The help desk tickets went down by 40% in the last 6 months. Majority of the tickets were related to Application Team complaining on performance. His company managed to avoid purchase of new storage array and 1 blade chassis (14 Hosts) worth of hardware. More details below

Look forward to seeing you in Barcelona and Shanghai!

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