vRealize Operations 6.0.1 upgrade

To upgrade, click on Software Update menu on the left.The upgrade process from VMware vRealize Operations 6.0 is quite straightforward, as you can see from the Release Notes.

The first is you login to the admin console. Do this by appending /admin in the URL. You will get the screenshot below. From there, I found it relatively straight forward since I only have 1 node. This is another reason why I prefer to keep only 1 node.


To upgrade, click on Software Update menu on the left. The result is the screenshot below. From here, click on the Install a Software Update button.


This brings up the wizard below. The first step is certainly uploading the .pak file. The file size is around 1 GB, so it took a few minutes in my case. From here, it is a matter of following the wizard.


The progress reminds me of the management pack installation. Here is the update process. The State “Staged” was fast, but the second state can take a while. It took me <10 minutes in my case.


When installation finishes, the administrator interface logs me out, so I’m back to the login screen of /admin URL.

The Release Notes states that “On the main Status and Troubleshooting page of the administrator interface, the Bring Online button appears, but do not click the button. The cluster will go online automatically.”

I logged back in. In my case, it’s already starting to bring it on-line, as you can see below. The cluster status is “Going Online“. Nice! Notice the version number is already 6.0.1


The above process took several minutes. You may see the cluster is already online, but the installation showing it’s in progress. Just wait for a few minutes, and the message will disappear.


You can verify that it’s done by clicking the Software Update again. You should see something like this:


That’s it!

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