vRealize Operations 6.1 Patch

If you are using vRealize Operations 6.1, there is a patch release. The KB article states that it fixes a number of issues. Since it’s featured prominently in the Release Notes, I thought I’d share how to patch it.

You might think that a patch is a small file, especially if you are used to the small size of the pak files. In this case, the pak file is >1 GB. The patch requires you to be on the 6.1 release. It is not for 6.0 release. Another word, you have to upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1, then apply the patch. You cannot just go straight from 6.0 to this build 3294016.

The first thing you need is to download it. You will find it in the same place where you download vRealize Operations. What you need to is to scroll down, until you see a small heading called Hot Patch.  You can see is on the following screenshot. Yeah, I know, it’s kinda small.

vR Ops patch

From there, what you download naturally depends on what you install. I normally use the appliance, as it’s easier to deploy and manage. I also do not use Windows-based Remote Collector (RC), so the above is what I need.

You can click on the Read More link, and it will expand and show the following. Notice the build number.

vR Ops patch 2

From here, the process is similar to the upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1, which I’ve documented here. So the following series of screenshots is just in case you need to see the actual 6.1 screenshots

vR Ops patch 3

vR Ops patch 4

vR Ops patch 5

vR Ops patch 6

vR Ops patch 61

Once it’s completed, leave the /admin URL and log in back to the main URL.

BTW, if you click the About link at the top, you may not see the new build number reflected in the pop up window. In my case, it’s showing the original build number.

vR Ops patch 7

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