vRealize Operations 6: Express Installation

vRealize Operations provides 3 installation options, as you can see below:


In the earlier post, I have covered the “New Installation”. To refresh, it looks like the one below.


The Express Installation looks like the one below. You notice that the Administration phase is now called Startup. The only thing you need to do is set the password! This means it’s much easier in my experience. This is great for a majority of cases. I think most deployments will have less than 2000 VM, which means vSphere HA will be sufficient. This keeps the deployment simpler.


I clicked Next button, set the password, followed the wizard, and ended up with the following screen. So it’s basically done!



I clicked the Finish button, and ended up with the following screen. The screen took only a few minutes, as per what it says.


Once done, it’s presenting the login dialog.


So that’s it! Much simpler, and definitely what I recommend for POC use case.

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