Part 1: vRealize Operations 6 – Installation

Based on 30 October 2014 build. Once it becomes available, I will certainly install the GA version to see if there is any changes.

There are 4 parts to this blog:

The vApp deployment part is pretty straight forward, as it’s similar with other vApp. I will just show the key difference here.

In the deployment, you will get a warning as shown below because 1 extra line of configuration (the NUMA vCPU setting). Other than that, it’s the standard vApp UI.


The appliance version comes with a few default size. I choose Extra Small as the Small deployment is too large for the lab (which is <300 VM). I see a lot of customers will either use the Extra Small or Small deployment. I have not tried the Remote Collector portion.


In the networking configuration, the default setting is static. There is no choice of DHCP, which is not an issue. Unlike version 5.x, it now needs 1 IP address. There is no IP Pool to configure at vCenter datacenter object too. Nice!


And that’s basically it! It got deployed pretty fast as it’s just 1.5 GB. It’s powering on, so I checked the VM console. The white line in the console below is actually a progress indicator.


I clicked on it as I wanted to see the details. You got the usual SuSE Linux boot information.


Within a few minutes, the boot up is completed. I did not set the host name in MS AD, so it’s defaulted to localhost. A good practice is to create the AD entry prior to the vApp deployment.


And that’s the vApp deployment part. Pretty straight forward! Compared with version 5.x, this is certainly easier. No more IP Pool, and no more vApp object to deal with at vCenter 🙂

Let’s login to vC Ops and do the initial config.

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