Part 2: vRealize Operations 6 – Initial Configuration

In Part 1, we deployed and booted up the appliance. The screenshot below was the first screen when I connected via browser. This is a one-time setup screen. I chose the “New Installation” instead of express as I wanted to see the options available.


That New Installation opened up the Wizard window shown below. It showed clearly the steps required. This screen will be shown throughout your installation, showing each “icon” as completed as you compete them. We are now at the Initial Setup stage under Administration.


Clicking next showed the screen below, where we setup the Admin password.


Clicking next showed the screen below, where you can add your own certificate. I chose the default.


Next is where you name the master node. This is my first node, which is also the master node. You also can set the NTP. It is actually verified, as you can see from the screen below. So keep that NTP server name or IP handy.


I clicked Next, and then completed the dialog box. The Wizard closed and the page below was shown. Notice the cluster status. It is not yet started. Notice that this page can show all the nodes, with a summary of each. Notice my Master Node is powered off. I clicked the button to start it.


Clicking Start turned up the dialog box below. I clicked Yes.


And that’s the initial configuration! Much easier than 5.8 I’d say. Let’s see what it shows on the next blog.

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