vRealize Operations 6 redirect to syslog server

The steps to redirect to an external syslog server (e.g. Log Insight) has changed in version 6. You can do it via the UI, and there are 2 places to set.

The first one is for the main log. Click on the screenshot below to see where the log is configured. I only have 1 instance of the vRealize Operations (which I think is enough for most use case). There are different components of vRealize Operations, and each has its own log configuration.

20 syslog

You need to click on each of the component one by one. You cannot set it at the instance level. The “Settings” icon is greyed out when you select the instance. In the screenshot below, I selected the “Collector” component. I then clicked on the “Settings” icon. It opened a dialog box, as shown below. From the dialog box, you just need to specify the syslog server. Port 514 is the default port for syslog.

21 syslog - gotta do one by one

You need to do it for every component that you want to log. In the screenshot below, I did it for the “web” component.

22 syslog - gotta do one by one

Note that not all components have log. You will get a pop up telling you that there is no log option, as per the screenshot below.

23 syslog - most do not have

All the above is for the product logs. You should also track the security logs, which are configured in a different place. Follow the screenshot below. Click on the icon (I highlighted in red). A small dialog box will pop up, as shown below.

23 syslog - Audit has a different UI

That’s it!

I use Log Insight as my syslog server. You can see that the data showing up in the screenshot below

24 syslog - result - need management pack

At the time of writing, there is no content pack yet for vRealize Operations 6. The content pack covers version 5.x

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