vRealize Operations upgrade path

vRealize Operations have 3 forms, which explains the 3 different downloads.

  1. Virtual Appliance.
  2. Linux installation
  3. Windows installation.

The first one is what I recommend, hence I showed them as bold green line in the diagram below. The diagram shows the 3 choices of deployments. After you deploy 6.1, you should deploy the Hot Patch. Once you complete it, then you should deploy your solutions (it’s called Management Packs).


The patching comes in 5 forms, hence there are 5 different installers for you to choose. You just need to pick 1. Hopefully the above diagram helps you pick the right one.

By now, quite a number of customers are already using vRealize Operations. The upgrade path is different. You first upgrade your management pack. The Horizon View 6.1 solution for example, does not support vRealize Operations 6.1, 6.0.3 nor 6.0.2. Because it was released before any of these versions.

So you first upgrade your V4V from 6.1 to 6.2. V4V 6.2 is supported on vRealize Operations 6.0.


For those celebrating Christmas, have a blessed Christmas. For those who aren’t, have a well deserved break.

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