vSphere 6: Features that are now global

Most of us have multiple vCenter Servers. As described in my book, there are reasons why you want to have a separate vCenter. It is common for me to see customers with 4 as the minimum numbers. I have 2 customers with >64 vCenter Servers (they are consolidating).

In vSphere 6, certain features are now global. You can apply at the “global” level. The first one is license. Check out the screenshot below! The tabs have also been streamlined. It’s cleaner now.

10 License - global

To refresh, here is how it looks like in 5.5. Notice you have to select a vCenter.

You may wonder what happens to the tabs in 5.5. For example, what happens to vCenter Server, Hosts, Clusters, Solutions. They are now parked under Assets as shown below.

10 License - products

Another feature going global is Tag! Cool, as you certainly want a consistent tagging across your SDDC. This is what it looks like in 5.5. Notice you have to select a vCenter.

10 Tag 5.5

And here is how it looks like in 6.0.

10 Tag is now global

What about Permission? Yup, it’s going global too. The following screenshot shows that. Notice that under Access Control in the side bar, there is Global Permission in addition to Roles.

11 Permission - Global

Below is the 5.5. equivalent. There is only Roles under Access Control.

11 Permission 5.5

The roles in 6.0 is also global. The screenshot below allows you to specify “All vCenter 6.0” from the drop down. There are also new roles. Can you notice them? Yup, Tagging Admin and Content Library Administrator.

11 Permission

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