vSphere 6: other welcomed enhancements

There are a lot of blogs that covers the major, headlines new features. In this blog, I’d focus on the little things that I spotted as I tour the UI.

Check the screen below. Notice the APD and PDL information is now visible in the UI.

10 cluster - Monitor - HA APD

Do you use a lot of vESXi, also called nested ESXi? In 5.5, when you create a new VM, you do not see ESXi as an option. You normally choose Other (64 bit) as the Guest OS.

10 VM - vESXi not available

With 6.0, you will see it as an option. It is still not supported as there are many technical considerations that make support difficult. But in most cases, it is good enough as it just works!

10 VM - vESXi is now available

Certificate is an areas that is complex. So it’s good to see the information on the ESXi Host. Together with the certificate management feature, this is a welcome improvement.

10 Host - Certificate

Smart Card integration makes its way. You find it under the Authentication Services, as shown below.

10 Host - Authentication

As a comparison, this is what it looks like in 5.5:

10 Host - Authentication 5.5

Search gets a little upgrade too. The Cluster option has more choices now in 6.0.

10 Search 6.0

Compare the above with 5.5, which only lets you specify the cluster name. From what I’ve checked, other property remains the same.

10 Search 5.5

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